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City Warfare is a text-based game played in real world locations against other players, where the aim is to cause mayhem using waterbombs and waterpistols. It is a game which works on the back of FourSquare to keep track of players in locations around you.

How it works:
1) You check into your local pub/coffee-shop/train station using FourSquare (as normal).
2) You open CityWarfare in your phone's browser.
3) You place waterballoons, shoot passersby with your waterpistol etc.
4) While you are away, those balloons remain where you placed them and will burst when the timer runs out or you detonate them remotely.
5) The aim is to try to get as many people wet as possible. You earn credits which can be used to buy better waterbombs etc.

The strategy of the game is in trying to place waterballoons to burst when you think there will be many people checked into that location on FourSquare, and avoiding places where you think people are likely to have set waterballoons (ie. try to stay dry!)

This game was built in a week for the LocationWild competition. To play, you need to have a Foursquare account and then you can sign in and start playing.

CityWarfare is still under extensive development and many more features will be added over the coming weeks.

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