City Warfare - Powered By FourSquare

How do I play?
You need an active FourSquare account in order to play. You can then sign in to play CityWarfare.
There is a getting started guide for new players which takes you through the first few steps.

What is FourSquare?
FourSquare is a location-based game which many people are playing where you get points for "checking in" to venues using your iPhone (or other mobile device) when you go out. You can read more about FourSquare at their website.
CityWarfare builds on this game by adding another level of interaction between players checked in at locations and allowing them to place waterbombs and shoot each other.

Why does the game look so plain?
The game is a mobile-website to make it playable on a wide range of mobile devices. In future it would be nice to have specialised iPhone / Android applications, but for now we are focusing on the game itself rather than how it looks.

What can I do in the game?
At the moment, the game is limited to shooting other players, planting timed or remotely-detonated waterballoons, and scanning your current location for waterballoons. This entire game from the initial concept to the game in its current form was created by a single person in under a week for the LocationWild competition. There will be many more weapons, features, leaderboards, and graphics in the future.

What are civilians?
Civilians accumulate in popular venues as targets for you to try to soak. One civilian shows up every time someone checks in at a venue and doesn't go away until they get wet (ie. when someone sets off a waterballoon). You get $10 for soaking a civilian.

What if I don't know any players playing in my city?
You can shoot / soak any players of Foursquare in your city- they do not need to be playing CityWarfare. If you live in a city which has lots of Foursquare players (London, New York etc.) then you can start playing right away! Just check into a popular location using FourSquare and log in.

Why don't my friends show up in my venue?
Foursquare players stay at venues where they checked in for 3 hours, or until they check in elsewhere. If you and your friends both (publically) check in at the same place at the same time, then you should see each other on the home screen and be able to shoot each other or burst waterballoons to soak each other.

How do I get money?
You can get money by getting civilians or players wet. Soaking a civilian using a waterbomb earns you $10. Soaking a foursquare player using a waterballoon or waterpistol earns you $100.

Why waterbombs?
The original idea was to have the aim of the game be to destroy your city using guns and bombs, but a game which involves placing bombs or shooting civilians in public places would probably upset some people, so we're using waterballoons and waterpistols instead.

Who are you?
Tom Fletcher. I live in Bath, UK and finished my final year of University last week. I have spent this week going out celebrating, catching up on sleep, and creating CityWarfare.
You can contact me on twitter as @thomasfletcher or through Facebook.


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