City Warfare - Powered By FourSquare - Guide

Firstly, you need to have an active FourSquare account. If you haven't played FourSquare before, then we encourage you to sign up and do a few checkins to find out what it's all about, then come back, read on, and play City Warfare!

If you know how FourSquare works, you can go ahead and register and link your account to your Foursquare account.

Once you have registered, you can go out and check in to a popular venue near you using FourSquare. If you check in there and then visit CityWarfare (on either your computer or phone) you should see a message which tells you where you have checked in, and how many people (active FourSquare players) and civilians (computer controlled drones) are currently at that location. If there are other dry players at the location you can shoot them by clicking on "Shoot with waterpistol". You should shoot and soak one of the players at the venue, earning you $100.

Your waterpistol will take an hour to reload, so we will now place a timed waterballoon in the location to burst at a later time to soak any players who are checked in then. Click on "Shop", then on "Buy timed waterballoon". Set the timer to a few hours time- a time when you think there will be a lot of players checked into this venue. You can now go away and wait for the balloon to burst, soaking any players in your location. The number of players and civilians you soak will be posted to your feed which is accessible from the main menu. You earn $100 for each player you soak, and $10 for each civilian.

Remote waterballoons work in a similar way, but they do not have a timer. You can place one by choosing "Shop", "Place remote waterballoon", "Buy". You can then detonate it by clicking on "Your Waterballoons" from the main menu, and clicking on "Burst" next to the balloon you just placed. Be careful that you are no longer checked in at the place where you planted the balloon or you risk getting wet yourself!

These are the main tasks which you need to be able to do to compete in CityWarfare. You can also buy waterproof armour to protect yourself from waterpistols, sweep locations to detect balloons already placed (and defuse them), place cameras for surveillance, and use a whole arsenal of water-based weaponry with to wage war around your city!


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